Sunday, January 2, 2011

it about time to change

Haiz another new year this years turn to 20 year old already ! Really feel like 一事无成!just like rubbish ! Fuck my life ! Feeling lifeless ! This week just get a news that sungai wang fotokem gonna close that mean is my job is not steady again ! And i just realize i work so long at fotokem every month about 2800 salary i dun hav save a 100 riggit before in every month ! And still got around 3 month i need to pay insurance for my car ! But sales for now damm fucking slow ! everyday i cant even find 30 riggit (IN) ! Haizz if keep on like that im gonna be mad ! So now i just praying everything gonna be better a bit ! That all i hope !
About like 3 or 4 month i dun hav chat with her so i though that im already giving up but my mind just cant make it ! Everyday i go to facebook the first thing i will automatic go and stalk her profile see her every single status and comments ! Maybe this is the problem i still cant let go bah ! Some times i really hope that i have a gf to accompany me and listen my problem and everything ! But it seem like so hard for me ! Am i worst untill like that ? not even got any chance to get a girlfriend ??? BIG QUESTION MARK ! Mouth saying single is better but the fact is im fucking awful ! Sometime just feeling that im so lonely ! need find a people to accompany also cant ! Alah forget it just be alone !

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