Sunday, January 2, 2011

it about time to change

Haiz another new year this years turn to 20 year old already ! Really feel like 一事无成!just like rubbish ! Fuck my life ! Feeling lifeless ! This week just get a news that sungai wang fotokem gonna close that mean is my job is not steady again ! And i just realize i work so long at fotokem every month about 2800 salary i dun hav save a 100 riggit before in every month ! And still got around 3 month i need to pay insurance for my car ! But sales for now damm fucking slow ! everyday i cant even find 30 riggit (IN) ! Haizz if keep on like that im gonna be mad ! So now i just praying everything gonna be better a bit ! That all i hope !
About like 3 or 4 month i dun hav chat with her so i though that im already giving up but my mind just cant make it ! Everyday i go to facebook the first thing i will automatic go and stalk her profile see her every single status and comments ! Maybe this is the problem i still cant let go bah ! Some times i really hope that i have a gf to accompany me and listen my problem and everything ! But it seem like so hard for me ! Am i worst untill like that ? not even got any chance to get a girlfriend ??? BIG QUESTION MARK ! Mouth saying single is better but the fact is im fucking awful ! Sometime just feeling that im so lonely ! need find a people to accompany also cant ! Alah forget it just be alone !

Sunday, August 22, 2010

update update

Wuhuu finally get my car is a gen-2 i call her as felicia ! although is second hand but i still like it ! Cause is i use my own money and buy ! not those rich guy who call they parents buy for it ! emm i bought this car about one month ago , but actually got a bit problem with the absorber but i need to save sum money only change it ! And started the new job actually this job is just like a sale man although is tired but learn a lot of thing about sale . This month ntg special happen except that day wai yew birthday . That morning go to bank open account then go find my old fren puven have sumdrink at station one ! Untill 6 go back home wash my car then do my other stuff ! Untill 8 rush to wai yew house but on the way the tires pumcik then call my fren to help ! After change the tires then go back home take other car ! On the way to tenji ,ken lee and i drive fast then suddenly one motor go infront of my car ! Then i keep horn, go down the car ask the guy APA HAL DENGAN KAU NI ! then he dun hav say anything just one punch on my chest then show me his gun and police ID ! WTF stun already then he say i drive dangerous then bla bla bla ! Lastly he say luck you still young if not i sure bring you back to breakfield police station ! FUCK you ! Then really no mood jor on that day !
And then today get a phone call from the old company they call me go back work with them and be the supervisor ! But i just started this new job only now you call me go back to work ????? Now you make me more fan lar ! Two olso almost same salary ! fan ar ! Need to think again !

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Everything is not in my control ! FML my car untill now is delay and delay dunno when only can get it ! And i do need a rest for travel to beach or sumthing else but need to work so even family trips i olso dun hav go except the thailand hat yat trip ! FML
And the other thing is i smoke more heavy leh ! Every time i get stress or suddenly that thinking her i will keep on smoke and smoke ! now i almost one day one pack ! haizz !And im going to change my job i dunno is a suitable for me anot ? But i hav to try ! This job is intro by chew ping , he told me that if i working hard one month salary will get 2000++ so i think is a chance for me ! Although is not easy but i will try my best ! And maybe after i get this job my life will be more under control , there is not shift just only 10 -10 for everyday but nvm i think my life already gone since i start working ,so except work there will be nothing at all for my life ! Now i doing every thing is it just for money or my future ?? Myself olso not so clearly ! I really jealous about those studying life ! Maybe you all will say is nothing to jealous about but at least you all saturday and sunday is free can hang out wif fren for awhile or do wat ever you wanted to do ! For me i hav no time in weekend i need to work ! Is been a year i hav never enjoy my weekend day ! haizz
And one thing i really wan to shout it out i hope that got people will share my secret but there is no one haizz !
So now i will shout it here and let you all see ! This is about her if you know who i saying ! I really dunno how to explain and dunno how to say ! Im trying to not to think about her and not to care about her a things ! But i just cant do it , every night when i open facebook the first thing i will do is go to see her profile and see weather she online anot ! When she online-ing i was like wanna or must chat wif her but i had control myself already not to disturb her ! And told myself that i will never had a chance , and untill the day i dead olso never had a chance ! But i really hope that to know more about you and just can be like a good fren or sumthing else ! Just please that at least care about me ! I knew that you told me that we two are impossible , but at least can make a good memory for me mah ? FML I OLSO DUNNO WAT THE HELL IM SAYING !

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

long time dint update my blog already !

It been a long time didn't update my blog already ! cause is lazy too updated plus nobody want to see it just like im talking to myself ! But anyway just type to updated to those hav see my blog de !
Emm this few month is ntg special in working just i wan to get my car fast as possible cause im bored wif this job ! I planing to hav a new job is a sales ! But because of my father he esok lusa esok lusa untill now my car olso dunno can get anot ! And he always told me that economy is not good then blablabla call me to do this job first ! Dun so fast go to do sales ! haizz untill now i olso dunno how to do ! Now all i just hope that my car can fast to get it !

17 april 2010
MIST is ok ,ken lee frens sux ! that all ! :/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today i should work full day but then dun hav so much people in the mall so can go back early ! After work i straight away go to the shop and get the ferrero flower it for pei jie birthday present ! After take that then rush back home take a shower then rush to fetch ken lee cause today hav a show to see but i olso never know so much about that band it call da mouth ! So 8 o'clock we go inside the opera after 15minute that band haven come out so i go to toilet then walk walk ! when i inside the toilet i saw a guy inside the toilet making up ! When he making up he sawing me then seem like wan shake hand wif me but i dunno who is him so walk aways ! After around 9.30 that band only come out so ( da pai ) , then when the band come out on the stage i only realize that i meet that guy on the toilet was one of the member his name is tong hua (DJ)of da mouth ! =.= i told my fren my fren say wtf ! lol so dun care lar after the show is around 10.30 then go back to ken lee's house for steamboat then still making my card for her cause still got a bit haven finish although already make so many day ! Then after finish all thing include my breakfast at 11pm sumthing ! Then go to ajimal yam cha cause i still need pei jie sms me see whether she back home already anot ! But then i wait untill 12 sumthing i sms she dun hav reply so suan lor ! I straight away go to her house to giv her , but when i reach her house her father say she not a home so i just giv to her father then go away already ! Then at the time i olso dunno how to explain my feeling cause i do so many thing actually just wan to see her but haizz dun wan say already ! Luck still hav my heng dai accompany me after i giv the present to her father , go back to ajimal nearby play firework then dai gei ! Untill 3 sumthing go back home giv my father scold because i so late back !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

chinese new year 14/2/2010-22/2/2010

lian 30 day
Today is saturday i sleep untill 1 o'clock then wake up take a bath then eat my breakfast then go out to midvalley wif my bro for shopping and masuk stock for chinese new year ! Around 6 almost finish everything we wanted then go home ! After go home suddenly forgot to buy gam ! So my mom call me go out buy , then i drive out wahh the first time sri petaling like no car at all ! So fast fast buy then go back home for my dinner ! After dinner play we relative arround 11.30 they all go back home cause need all need to go back home for bai bai ! So after 1 finish bai bai go to lee shen's house for gamble ! Untill 3 o'clock we need to move out leh cause leaw family 4 o'clock need to go to airport for they family chinese new year trip ! So left me ,waiyew , park leng and ken lee then we all go to ajimal yam cha ! At yam cha time ken lee said he got a lot of firework inside his car ! lol still wait wat ? 3.45 go behind the ajimal field play our firework ! play untill 4 sumthing then go back home !
chu yi
wake up at 11 very tired already then go down stairs to take my bonus then hav a breakfast then wait untill 1 sumthing go to my grandparents house ! Starting boring then untill 4 sumthing go back home my family all suddenly wan go to jungle tracking wat the fuck so i say i was tired not going to follow ! lol left me home alone then keep calling fren see who is bored at home ! wtf everybody olso busy so nvm stay at home watch horror movie ! Then 7 o'clock go out for dinner untill 11 sumthing go to out wif that three guy olso ! play ours firework at ajimal field first then change to wai sek gai untill 1am starting bored already go to yam cha and wait for kah heng and other come ! After kah heng come go to park leng house for gamble lol ! dun wan say park leng already lose money again ! We play untill 4 sumthing then go back home !
chu er
Lol Wake up at 2 cause really tired then my mom call me 3 o'clock get ready to grandfather house to bai lian but i havent eat anything yet so nvm lor ! I told her i going they wif papa cause my father olso dun wan so early go ! lol untill 5pm go we only go there untill 6o'clock we go for ours dinner ! On the way going ken lee and park leng olso call me go for club tonight ! lol sure on lor ! Then after finish dinner arround 8 go back home take a bath and rush to ajimal meet them ! We sit on there chui sui untill 10 straight away go to kl maison ! Untill there 10.15 wait for jason they all come ! Around 11 o'clock go in the club again dun hav people so wait untill 12 they are a lot of people coming inside but all is guys + is gay ! lol gay in the club wat the fuck so we just sit on there and see those gay at the dance floor dancing ! Untill 2.30 go out nearby mamak yam cha ! this night i dun hav drunk at all ! Then go back to sri petaling play firework untill 4.30 zzzzzz ! then go back home !
chu san
wake up at 11 is was so so tired but need to work so no choice ! Untill 8 o'clock fong gong , go back home take a bath go to park leng house again lol ! gamble untill 3 sumthing then yam cha !
chu xi
I was so tired so sleep untill 2pm + no work so nvm ! Then go accompany my auntie for shopping and then dinner ntg else ! today was a good night cause dun hav go out !
then chu wu and chu liu olso the same after work go out to park leng house gamble again !
chu qi
dun hav work actually my fren plan to go out but then i dun wan cause today is my auntie last day at malaysia she need to go back new zealand ! So morning help her pack up and do other stuff untill 6 then fetch her to airport then olso accompany her untill 8 then go check in ! Then go back to my grandparents house for fetch my brother then 10 sumthing go back home ! after go back home then i go out wif wai yew wing shing and ken lee for yam cha ! Then go to wai yew house to play untill 3 go back home !
chu pa
Today was a damm bored and fan ! 1 o'clock then go to ken lee house play untill 3 sumthing go to kuchai for ours breakfast then go zone-x dai gei ! untill 6 o'clock go back home for dinner then my parents they all go for movie so i at home stay untill 8 o'clock ken lee sms me say go his house again ! =.= so seem i was so boring then go lor ! I 10 o'clock reach ken lee house then wait for lls ,llh ,kang wei ,and park leng come ! Then go to ken lee house chit chat untill 12 go to wai yew house again ! start ours gamble then untill 1 sumthing ken lee brother call him go to one place so i didnt follow straight away go back home !